FRS Radio Guide

The popularity of family radio service products is increasing by leaps and bounds in the United States. This convenient new approach to the old fashioned walkie-talkie makes it much easier to communicate with your family and especially your children.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to using a family radio service. The consumer should weigh them both and make an educated decision as to whether a FR service will be feasible for their needs.

  • Pros For Buying Family Radio Service

A pro factor is that these radios are relatively inexpensive. A two way system can be as little as fifty bucks. Models that are more costly usually have a longer range capability and contain more hand held devices in the package.

The purchase price is all that you will ever need to pay out of pocket. There are no maintenance fees or monthly fees to use your FRS. There are no licensing costs that are needed for unmodified radios.

Another pro for the family with children is that they can only contact other units. They cannot use the device to contact friends and unscrupulous people cannot contact them willy-nilly. This is a safe way of keeping tabs on your kids. There is also no possibility for a child to access the interest via FRS. These keep children even safer.

The radios are sturdier for kids to use than cell phones. If dropped, most will not be destroyed as the vast majority of radios are rubberized to help withstand some abuse. This makes them much more cost effective than cell phones for children. A FRS device is far more durable than any cell phone on the market.

  • Cons For Buying Family Radio Service

On the con side, FRS devices do not have a long distance range for communication. Most can reach about one half to one mile. More expensive models will reach considerably farther but in no way, shape or form do they have the same capabilities of a cell phone. Cell phones can reach almost anywhere in the world. FRS can only hit units within a short distance. This means that with a cell phone a child can contact 911 or another relative in the event of emergency. This could be the difference between finding a missing child quickly and alive or potentially deceased or not having them ever found.

The Batteries usually hold a charge for about twelve hours. This is not necessarily a con but it is listed here because there are some cell phones that actually hold charges longer than radio devices.  Family radios hold their charge while people are out doing normal activities. They are not meant for stays away from the base unit for any real length of time.

  • Which Should I Buy?

There are so many different FR services available today that the buyer needs to research which is best to suit their needs. A two way radio would be perfect for a husband and wife that work in close proximity to each other. A system that has six individual devices will be better for a family with children.

It is necessary for the buyer to realize his needs and go from there. Selecting the proper unit is completely up to you. You know what you and your family’s needs are so you must take it from there. Research the different manufacturer’s products and realistically, evaluate what they can provide you with and what your needs are regarding the product.

Family Radio Services can be a great form of communication. Proper selection is the key to a happy owner. All family radio services have benefits but there can be drawbacks as well. It is up to the buyer to do the research to find the system that will work well for them.